Rumor Buster! 50 years of age.


Rumors continue to circulate about our population that are stating I will fire all employees over 50 years of age and that I will take away all assistance from everyone if I get in office. All of this is untrue! As a people we do however, need to prepare for the day when the federal government cuts all welfare programs off and we need to start building a future where we don’t rely solely on welfare and we are self sufficient and our children’s children take care of themselves and we build our communities and help one another.

Rumor Buster! Executive Director


As a candidate for the 2013 Election for SRST Chairman, I am aware that rumors continue to exist amongst our population. I want to reiterate that I still have not selected an Executive Director and that my focus and priority is still on getting elected before any further decision making. Please do not let untrue rumors of me already having someone selected for such positions or likewise writing my campaign material discourage you or your decision on voting. My platform has not changed from day one and I am still taking this election process step by step and one goal at a time. I want to thank you all for your continued support and dialog in our community visits. My best wishes to all the candidates running for office and remember to get out and vote September 25, 2013.

Have a great day!

Rumor Buster: Excutive Director


As a Candidate for the 2013 SRST Chairman Primary’s, I have not! selected an Executive Director, my focus and thought process hasn’t reached that stage yet. So if some of you may have heard I would be selecting Cheryl Kary for executive director, that is not true. By no means do I want to show disrespect to Cheryl, I just want to make it clear that I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. My focus and efforts are set on the 2013 SRST elections And taking a step by step approach in this election process one goal at a time.

My best wishes to all the candidates that are running for office, and just a reminder for every one to get out and vote.

Have a great day!

Rumor Buster: Office Candidates


As a Candidate for the 2013 SRST Chairman Primary’s, I will not be campaigning with any other candidate running for their respective offices. I  mean no disrespect toward  any one who may have thought I was teaming up with other office candidates. I will be running my campaign in my own regards with my campaign team.

My best wishes to all the candidates that are running for office, and just a reminder for every one to get out and vote.

Have a great day